Wind Turbine Servicing


We are licensed and certified for servicing and maintenance of close transport machinery by the Office for Technical Inspection (UDT); we also have necessary training in the field of servicing and maintenance of GOIAN movable tower platforms. We provide comprehensive servicing of close transport equipment installed in Wind Turbines. Specifically, our service range comprises:
- drafting of service & maintenance manuals necessary for acceptance testing of plant and equipment by the Office for Technical Inspection (UDT);
- periodic inspections of close transport machinery, including keeping a Maintenance Book of selected equipment items under UDT supervision;
- periodic inspection of plant and equipment with UDT inspectors;
- close transport machinery repairs;
- measurements and checks (certification to class E and D).



Przeglądy okresowe, diagnostyka usterek turbin wiatrowych

Periodic inspections, wind turbine defects diagnostics

We carry out periodic inspections of wind turbines according to manufacturer’s records (semi-annual, annual), we have qualified personnel with long experience working with various types of wind turbines, i.e. Gamesa, Vestas, GE, Siemens. We carry out our servicing works in wind turbines using professional tools with updated calibration records. We diagnose and rectify defects in wind turbines, related to electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems.



Generator alignment

Generator and transmission are the two critical components of a wind turbine, connected to each other with a coupling that transmits torque from transmission high-speed shaft to generator. In order to have both these units function without fault for as long as possible, they must be perfectly aligned. We offer a service consisting of laser measurement of distances, generator axis to transmission offset angles. If measured values exceed the acceptable limits or requirements of plant manufacturer, we will make necessary adjustments so that generator to transmission alignment is optimized. With such measurements and accurate setting of generator shaft with transmission high speed shaft alignment, we achieve reduction of forces acting on bearings and coupling. With reduced forces, life of generator and transmission bearings is extended, risk of damage to coupling is reduced, and therefore the risk of damage occurring through coupling fracture.



endosopia przekładni

Transmission Endoscopy

Transmission endoscopy is a non-invasive test method of internal gear components to determine their condition and schedule preventive operations. Such checks allow you to avoid long turbine downtimes caused by such occurrences as bearing seizure.



Blade inspections

We offer professional inspection of the technical condition of blades, carried out by service personnel having long experience with blade servicing. We carry out our inspections using photo cameras with telescopes, or from rope access. NEW!!! Blade inspection with a drone fitted with UHD 4K camera: non-invasive - accidental damage is avoided (damage to generator vortex); shorter turbine downtimes - drone inspection takes ca. 2-3 hours; more accurate inspection than that with optical telescope; lower cost than inspection from ropes, maintaining similar quality.



Due diligence inspections

We carry out wind turbine/wind farm inspections with the purpose of determining the current technical condition of plant and equipment incorporated in a wind farm. Scope of inspections is agreed with the client on a case-by-case basis, so that our works are matched to the client’s requirements. Standard scope of wind farm inspection comprises: Checking medium voltage switchboards, in functional terms and in terms of tightness checking of SF6 chambers. Visual inspection of turbine components in terms of damage, corrosion spots and other irregularities. Testing earthing resistance and continuity. Transmission endoscopy. Generator/transmission alignment checking. Thermal imaging of control cabinets and converter. Checking the condition of hydraulic systems, oil sampling, laboratory testing. These are the basic tests to be carried out when buying a second-hand wind farm, or with the lapse of manufacturer’s warranty period. It is difficult to determine the technical condition of turbines without specialized testing; therefore, you are encouraged to use our services in the field.