HV Substations

Thermal imaging

Inspection with a thermal imager is a quick, non-invasive method for testing the condition of connections on rail bridges, switchboards and power equipment without de-energizing.
Inspekcja kamerą termowizyjną pozwala na szybkie, bezinwazyjne badanie stanu połączeń na mostach szynowych, rozdzielniach oraz urządzeniach energetycznych bez konieczności wyłączania ich spod napięcia.



Periodic inspections of HV Substations

HV Substation constitute key components of the power grid; to ensure proper functioning, check their technical condition periodically, to avoid a serious failure in the future. We offer a broad range of periodic inspection services and measurements at main power supply point stations. Resistance measurements of transformer windings and reactors Measurements of HV circuit breakers own response times Circuit breaker, disconnector contacts resistance measurements Step voltage and shock voltage measurements Transformer, cable, switchgear isolation resistance measurements Main current path connections resistance measurements Air and SF6 insulated and SF6 low voltage switchgear inspection SF6 gas exhaust checks LV cable voltage testing UPS battery capacity measurements Main current path connections temperature checks



Main power supply point station engineering

If you are planning for connecting your wind turbine to the grid, modernizing or building a main power supply point, you will get professional design engineering by our designers, including on-site service.



Refurbishment of medium voltage cells

Connection of power generating sources, such as wind turbines, to existing main power supply points requires refurbishment of the medium voltage cell connections layout and changing security settings, e.g. bidirectional mode. We offer a full range of services related to refurbishment: Design engineering for the refurbished cell or part of substation Execution of the current section, distribution of cables, installation of cable heads, tests upon assembly Construction of secondary circuits, connection of cabinets to utilities, installation of new safeguards, configuration of security options according to the designed settings.



Changing the settings and configurations of protections

In case of any change of transmission grid configuration or modernization inside substation, protections setpoints need to be modified to match them with the new grid conditions. We provide services involving changing settings, configurations, startuping of new protections, such as Micom, Siemens, ABB and reconfigurations and validation testing of existing protections.